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上個月 The Chronicle of Higher Education 週報上有篇文章,題為 Sneaky Learning。大意是說有位心理學系的 Anne M. Cleary 教授在 Colorado State University 開了一門課,叫做 “The Science of Learning”。這堂課讓學生們接觸到學習技巧相關的學術研究,並鼓勵他們把一些好的學習原則拿來應用在自己身上。


The primary message, says Cleary, is don’t trust your gut. Learning is not intuitive. Research shows a disconnect between what people think are the best ways to learn and the habits that actually lead to true understanding and retention.

(Cleary 說,最主要的信息,就是不要相信你本能的感覺。學習不是直覺的。研究顯示人們以為最好的學習方式、和實際上導向真正理解和記憶的學習習慣,兩者間有落差。)

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