Magic Go Tower (Jungo Sinkirou)

About the Project

This is a project under the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology. We constructed a Jungo platform, applying the lab’s AI tech to educational use. Jungo is a simplified version of the game of Go. It was designed by Master Go player, O Meien 9-dan.

The Dong Hwa AI Lab is led by professor Yen Shi-Jim ( The lab has deep expertise especially in board game AI.

I joined the project as a project assistant. My main contributions include: leading the development of the React/Redux frontend, in particular the app architecture, Go game logic and Go board UI; Django backend that mediate between the frontend and the MCTS-based deep learning AI Go engine; extending the Go engine’s functionality.

Our development process was built around Git version control and Docker.

A live demo of the game is here. More info about Jungo here.